The Twirling Song


The Twirling Song is so much fun for toddlers and little kids. “The Twirling Song” revamps a very famous children’s melody with relevant modern lyrics that actually make sense for today’s children. So, say goodbye to “Ring Around the Rosie” and welcome “The Twirling Song” into your world. When you circle children around to hold hands and sing “The Twirling Song,” you’ll see what fun and delight the kiddos have with it!


The Twirling Song – lyrics

Dancing in a circle
Laughing til we’re purple
Twirling, twirling
We all fall down!



The Twirling Song © 2015 Emme Town | All Rights Reserved.
“The Twirling Song” was written and sung by Teri Wilder and composed by Aaron Kies.


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