Emme Town’s Epic Kids Songs Vol. 1 CD


Order the original Epic Kids Songs CD today! There are 13 songs in Epic Kids Songs Vol. 1 to enjoy. Songs are sung by all your friends at Emme Town — Jester, Ballerina, Thinker and Fairy Godmother, so get ready to sing, dance and play with Emme Town’s Epic Kids Songs CD. Our kids’ songs and baby songs are produced with remarkable artists and delightful creativity. Some songs are educational and have social-emotional teachings and some songs are silly, fun, or upbeat, and some songs are great for nap time. Others are practical, like The Potty Song, which makes potty training fun!

For a limited time, when you order the Epic Kids Songs CD, we’ll send you a coupon code to download all 13 songs online!

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Epic Kids Songs

1. Where Is White Crow – Sung by Thinker

2. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star – Sung by Thinker

3. The Twirling Song – Sung by Ballerina

4. The Friendship Song – Sung by Ballerina

5. Days Of The Week – Sung by Jester

6. Epic Row Your Boat – Sung by Thinker

7. Five Little Monkeys – Sung by Jester

8. ABC’s Song – Sung by Thinker

9. The Rainbow Song – Sung by Fairy Godmother

10. Head, Shoulders, Knees And Toes – Sung by Jester

11. Good Night Sleep Tight – Sung by Fairy Godmother

12. The Potty Song (for girls) – Sung by Fairy Godmother

13. The Potty Song (for boys) – Sung by Jester




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