Days of the Week


Download Emme Town’s “Days of the Week,” and you’ll have fun singing this brand new zippy ditty sung by Jester. Children love learning about the days of the week with Emme Town’s very own Jester. The “Days of the Week” song is both educational and a whole lot of silly fun, too!

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Emme Town’s “Days of the Week” was Written by Teri Wilder and Marc Emmelmann; Composed by Aaron Kies and Sung by Shaun Tuazon (Jester)



Days of the Week © Lyrics by Teri Wilder

Monday is my happy day.

Tuesday is my zippy day.

Wednesday is my clappy day.

Thursday is my flippy day.

Friday is my snappy day.

Saturday is my dippy day.

Sunday is my happy, zippy, clappy, flippy, snappy, dippy day!



Days of the Week © 2015 Emme Town | All Rights Reserved.


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