If you’re searching for kids music CDs for car trips, search no more. There’s nothing quite like our Emme Town CD to make your car trip go more smoothly. Growing up, so many of us developed a love for music because of singing in the car. Do you remember listening to kids’ music CDs on car trips? I sure do! I remember singing lots of songs and having the time of my life singing kids’ song classics with my mother. If it weren’t for those times, I’m not sure Emme Town would exist. Hands down, singing to kids’ music CDs in the car is one of my best childhood memories!

Here is the truth — a couple hours of driving with children can fly by when music and songs are part of the journey. Having a kids music CD that helps the little ones is one thing, but a kids music CD that keeps adult ears smiling, now that’s incredible!

toddler listening to kids music CD car trips

Don’t worry if you don’t have an epic road trip coming up. When you’re caught in traffic, being able to put on a CD feels like a little miracle. You can distract, entertain, educate, or just plain have fun. Even with all of our digital music available, it’s so easy to pop in a CD that you’ll want to make sure you have it whenever you and your kiddos are in the car!

Kids music CDs for car trips

Emme Town - Epic Kids Songs Vol 1 - Album CoverThere’s nothing quite like Epic Kids Songs Vol. 1 to make your car ride a pleasant one. You can sing along to one of the more upbeat kid songs like The Rainbow Song or Days of the Week, and if it’s time for a rest, try Good Night Sleep Tight or Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Once you listen and hear the variety of Emme Town’s special singers, the meaningful lyrics, and enchanting yet simple music — perfect for babies and toddlers — you’ll understand why Emme Town is the best kids’ music CD for car trips.




Photo credit: RebeccaLeeP via / CC BY

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