School Song & Songwriting Programs

Create Your Own School Song with Emme Town

Custom School Songs For Elementary Schools and Pre-Schools 

Emme Town is available to come to your school and work with teachers, students and groups of all sizes. Creating a school song is a fun, interactive, and unforgettable project for all involved. When you create your school song with Emme Town, you’ll enjoy the interactions with Emme Town Creator, Marc Emmelmann, Singer-Songwriter Teri Wilder, and Emme Town Composer Aaron Kies. At the completion of your project, Emme Town’s Entertainment Lawyer Michael Loggia, will provide you with all of the legal protections needed for your school song. So, from start to finish, Emme Town, school children and your staff get to co-create a meaningful, music-filled experience, culminating in a school song to inspire and encourage your student body for years to come!

Each “Create A School Song” program is customized to meet your needs.

Our modern approach to songwriting allows students to contribute lyrics in a wide variety of ways, and even choose the instruments for the composition of the song.

Are you ready to create a new school song, co-created by your student body? Contact us and let’s talk!

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