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Emme Town puts a positive spin on all your favorite baby songs and kids’ songs and produces new baby songs and children’s music for modern families. Little ones love Emme Town’s townspeople, so get ready to sing, dance and play with all our friends at Emme Town: Jester, Fairy Godmother, Ballerina and Thinker! If you want new, uplifting, educational and fun baby songs, get ready to sing, dance and play with all our friends at Emme Town! Emme Town’s album Epic Kids Songs – Vol 1. features singers including: Shaun Tuazon as “Jester,” Christopher Chiles as “Thinker,” Laura Bueno as “Fairy Godmother” and Teri Wilder as “Ballerina.”

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“I love Emme Town’s songs and music for babies and toddlers. I really feel them! They feel fun, simple, silly, playful, joyful, and sometimes a little familiar.” -Happy Listener

Emme Town’s Baby Songs and Kids Songs are Performed By:

Meet Jester!

Emme Town's Jester JESTER is all about FUN and JOY! Laughter comes easily to him and he shares his giggles generously. Jester radiates GOODNESS and is ever so TRUTHFUL, TENDER and FAIR.

Jester’s emblem is a MUSIC NOTE.

Meet Ballerina!

Emme Town's Ballerina BALLERINA is a star, DANCING wherever she goes, up on her toes & into the air! She’ll tickle your feet to make you DANCE! A teacher of MOVEMENT & GRACE for the body & soul, she is.

Ballerina’s emblem is a STAR.

Meet Fairy Godmother!

Emme Town's Fairy Godmother FAIRY GODMOTHER shines bright like a diamond. Full of ENCOURAGEMENT for inner-beauty, she’s loud about LOVE, gives warm tender hugs, is ever so CARING and wonderfully LOYAL.

Fairy Godmother’s emblem is a HEART.

Meet Thinker!

Emme Town's Thinker THINKER loves LEARNING! He is a most CURIOUS young fellow and loves an ADVENTURE. When he’s not asking questions or discovering the answers, THINKER is the model of MANNERS and OPTIMISM.

Thinker’s emblem is a LIGHTBULB.

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Emme Town’s passion and mission is to help make the world a kinder, gentler place through meaningful baby songs, kids songs and children’s music. You can help by spreading the word and joining our fun Facebook community!

“We LOVED the songs! I’m a former Kindergarten teacher with a deep love for social/emotional teachings, so you hit the mark!”

Callie Risinger

Former Kindergarten Teacher

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Meet Emme Town’s Production Team:

Producer + Songwriter: Marc Emmelmann

Composer: Aaron Kies

Sound Engineer: Jeff Cloud

Singer + Songwriter: Teri Wilder ~ “Ballerina”

Singer: Shaun Tuazon ~ “Jester”

Singer: Laura Bueno ~ “Fairy Godmother”

Singer: Christopher Chiles ~ “Thinker”

Illustrator: Terry Lee

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